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Our History

Kaposia has been investing the in prosperity of people with disabilities for over 50 years. Until the early 1960’s, parents of children with developmental disabilities had only two choices; keep their child at home or send their child to an institution. Kaposia began offering work options for people with disabilities in the 1970’s.

Over the past 50 years, our commitment to staying “One Step Ahead” has lead Kaposia to evolve into a customized employment and retirement service. 

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Success Stories

Almost half of our customers find meaningful employment in under six months. Of those, over 80% stay with their new employer for the long term.

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Ever talk of what you want in life only to be told by others that it is not possible? At Kaposia, we mean what we say. We will work with you and your ideas to help them become reality. As we help you walk through the Discovery Process you will begin to flesh out your desires and put them into the proper perspective.


At Kaposia, retiring doesn’t mean an end but rather a new beginning with different experiences. We have a vital community volunteer program, various learning, recreational and leisure opportunities and other ways that we help you stay active. You won’t have to wonder about how to fill your time, we'll help you see all the ways you can!

What Drives Us

Our History and Values

Each person is valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Kaposia has been investing the in prosperity of people with disabilities for over 50 years.

Take a look back at our HISTORY.


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