Reprinted from “One Step Ahead” December 2016

As we approach the season that is often coined “the season of giving”, we all take stock in how we might be able to do more to give back to those in need whether that be financial support or through our time and talents. At Kaposia Retirement Services, “the season of giving” goes throughout the entire year, as volunteering is a big part of many of the retiree’s schedule. Volunteering provides the individuals with valued roles in the community, a sense of belonging, and the chance to develop relationships that have blossomed into friendships for many years. Volunteer activities include visiting and helping residents at local nursing homes, planning and participating in recreational and crafts sessions, packing bags for babies/families, participation in bag decoration and delivering Meals on Wheels, assisting with area food shelves, finishing baby quilts and blankets for Bundles of Love, packing and labeling at Feed My Starving Children, and tying quilts with the White Cross Quilters.

We and many of the individuals served at Kaposia have realized it is not what you receive but what you can give to others. Many of the individuals associate their days spent at Kaposia reminiscing on how they helped someone else that needed what they had to

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Ever talk of what you want in life only to be told by others that it is not possible? At Kaposia, we mean what we say. We will work with you and your ideas to help them become reality. As we help you walk through the Discovery Process you will begin to flesh out your desires and put them into the proper perspective.


At Kaposia, retiring doesn’t mean an end but rather a new beginning with different experiences. We have a vital community volunteer program, various learning, recreational and leisure opportunities and other ways that we help you stay active. You won’t have to wonder about how to fill your time, we'll help you see all the ways you can!

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Each person is valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Kaposia has been investing the in prosperity of people with disabilities for over 50 years.

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