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Volunteerism in integrated community settings.

Retirement Services

For many, once they retire there is a thought of “what will I do”? At Kaposia, retiring doesn’t mean an end but rather a new beginning with different experiences. We have a vital community volunteer program, various learning, recreational and leisure opportunities and other ways that we help you stay active. You won’t have to wonder about how to fill your time, because we will help you see all the ways you can!

Kaposia Retirement Services has offices in Hennepin and Ramsey counties, serving seniors with disabilities who have chosen to retire from full-time employment but want to remain active members of the community.

Retirement services at Kaposia begins with the development of a comprehensive individual retirement planning profile. The profile identifies a person’s desires for retirement, their current life interests, and their support needs. A Kaposia professional facilitates the process with the individual and with others in the person’s life. Activities and opportunities reflect identified preferences for leisure, recreation, volunteerism, and part-time employment.

The transition from work to retirement is guided by the retirement plan. Individualized support services assist the person in pursuing and fulfilling their retirement goals and dreams.

If you are a job seeker, a family member or professional, here are the steps to take to get started with the Discovery Process:
For More Information, Please Contact:

Leonard Roussel,
Retirement Services Coordinator in Ramsey County
PHONE: 651.789.2843
FAX: 651.224.7249
E-MAIL: lroussel@kaposia.com

Louis Hennessy, Hennepin Services Coordinator
PHONE: 763.231.3570
FAX: 763.535.7589
E-MAIL: lhennessy@kaposia.com