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Our courtesy clerks are often the last level of interaction a customer has with store staff during their shopping experience. This Brand Champion ensures she has a positive and meaningful experience with every customer she helps. As a coworker explained, “Jenny has a smile on her face, a greeting, and a ‘thank you’ for each customer during her entire shift, every day.”

Jenny takes a genuine interest in each and every customer. Her nominators told us:

“She has created many friendships with our customers, knowing them by name and what’s going on in their lives.”

And, “Many customers will wait in a line where she is bagging so they have a chance to talk with her.”

She’s even “Facebook famous.” One nominator explained, “A few months ago a customer brought it to our attention that she had put up a Facebook post regarding what a wonderful interaction she had had with Jenny during her shopping trip. The customer was amazed at how many ‘likes’ and comments the post got! Person after person commented saying how Jenny makes not only their shopping trip excellent, but can turn their whole day around!” 

Another nominator continued: “There were literally 4 to 6 dozen Facebook comments. Some knowing Jenny from their experiences at the store, some about how they learned lessons from her, how she changes people’s attitudes and makes a difference in people’s lives.”

In addition to her bright smile and outstanding customer service, Jenny is a respectful and thoughtful coworker. As one nominator described, “she is always willing to help out when others may feel overwhelmed with a large order, or need a break from parcel. She is a great motivator for the team.”

Outside of work, Jenny is a passionate and dedicated volunteer and advocate for the Special Olympics. Congratulations to Jenny Bocklund on becoming a 2015 Brand Champion.